Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hath mine eyes deceive me?

So, lately I have been working in the evenings with a home renovations company, and moonlighting during the day as a web developer. On my way home tonight, I passed a gas station showing 82.9. Wow, I thought, that’s wicked. I had to drop a co-worker off at his house before I went to work on the reno, so I decided I would wait until later to fill up. Finally, an empty tank when it was cheaper!

Driving home at 11:30 I was stunned to see the price at 78.7. I couldn’t believe it. Could this be happening to me? I had never won anything before, I felt elated. So here I am pumping happily away. Kur-klunk. The pump stops. Fair enough, it happens often enough with my car where the pump stops early. Sensitive tank I suppose. I start pumping again. Kur-klunk. Frig, this is annoying. Kur-klunk. Kur-klunk. Now I’m getting ticked. I only have $30 dollars in and I need to fill my tank to take advantage of this phenomenon. Suddenly gas is spewing out of my tank all over the place. Oh heavenly drops of gold wasted. ARGH. But to my surprise the $35 had actually filled my tank. That hasn’t happened in eons. Like since I was three. Have the Americans won the war? Have they already tapped Iraqi oil lines and started shipping it back here? I dunno. But I certainly filled up. Looked everywhere for containers. Not even a water bottle to fill. But I had an idea! Now I have to figure out how I’m gonna get all the extra gas I pumped out of the trunk and into containers. Hmm…


Monday, September 11, 2006

Site Trouble

Well, due to a disgruntled friend, who did not want their voice heard on this blog, the hosted header image for the blog, as well as the radio station, have been deleted. Unfortunately the source image has been lost in a previous computer crash, so you will have to be patient until I create a new one. I will also have to find an alternate web server to host the images on.

Cheers, and sorry the inconvenience.