Thursday, August 17, 2006

Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon - it is the very heart of painting.

So, it has been a while since I last blogged. No, I’m not depressed, nor am I stewing about the Leafs. Yes I do “suck at blogging” crazy christina, however I will give it a shot once again.

Not much has happen since my last post. Some things that do come to mind are, I got hit in the back by the front of a city bus; vacationed in the Thousand Islands on, well ah, on an island; sent the kids to Newfoundland on their own for 3 weeks; drove 18 hours straight to Nova Scotia, 6 hours on the ferry with no sleep, then another 7 hours to Twillingate; followed the GPS and mapping software on a trip plotting us through the US, we were about 3 hours off course; got a speeding ticket in the friendly town of Theftford Mines, Quebec; started to cycle again, mainly to work, well only to work; I no longer consider myself in good shape; Rob Gaus is in better shape than me (that one really hurts); a friend, we’ll call him Gob Raus, decided it would be funny to run into my parked car; while walking through the woods in Newfoundland a stick flicked up and scratched my leg; huge infection in the scratched area that continued to grow for a week to the size of a golf ball; my ankle, calve and knee looked like a log because of the swelling; overcame my fear of clinics with a singing Nigerian doctor (audio to come); came to realization that baby boomer parents should not be allowed to use or come into contact with a computer; and my wife and I bought a house. Besides that, life is normal.

I may touch on some of the sub plots in later posts, but for now I want to show you something; something incredible; something that has inspired me to blog once again. It is an optical illusion. One like no other. If I was a betting man and someone was to entice me into a wager, I would have lost my life savings. So let me ask you this simple question. How much money would you bet that tile A and tile B are the same colour? Go ahead, click on the image. I strongly encourage you to take the image and use photo software to slowly remove all the dark tiles around tile B and watch in amazement as the money drains from your bank account.

I can sorta get the gist of how it works, but do not have the big fancy words to explain it. I am qurios if anyone can explain the scientific reason for my colour blindness. Anyone want to place a wager?


  • We've had a great summer! Thanks for all the great times! Should be one that lasts in our memories for a long time to come...

    ...and it had better, since we won't be able to afford another summer vacation for a while now that we are buying a house!!

    About your optical illusion; I'll wager!

    OK, if they are the same colour, you get to cook suppers for the next week. If they are different colours, I will cook whatever you want for the next month and serve it to you on the la-z-boy in front of the TV, and I'll wear whatever you want me to wear.

    Are we on?

    By Blogger Crazy Christina, at 10:45 AM  

  • ah, I see you have broken 1000 visitors!


    By Blogger Crazy Christina, at 10:46 AM  

  • Whenever I hear "Old Friends" by Simon and Garfunkel, I, for some reason, picture the two of us sitting on a parkbench at seventy.

    Lately I've been adding to the vision. I turn to you and say, "Have you updated your blog yet?"

    But goshdarnit, you did it. Good to have you back.

    By Blogger John Mutford, at 1:40 AM  

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